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Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment 40 - 40G Treatments

Happy Campers Holding Tank Treatment 40 - 40G Treatments

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  • Eliminates Odors (does not mask them)
  • There is no odor at all - even when you dump
  • One Product To Completely Service ALL Systems (even septic tanks)
  • Keeps working in ALL temperatures (others don't)
  • Natural & Environmentally Friendly
  • Works In Black & Gray Tanks
  • You Will Be Odor Free Long After Others Have Given Up
  • No Need To Add More Every Few Days
  • Highly Concentrated - 1 oz Treats 30 Gallons
  • Safe, Not Chemically Sensitive
  • Wash your hunting clothes (two scoops) in washer for odor free hunting - and enjoy a scum and odor free washing machine at the same time.
  • 40 40 Gallon Treatments