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Lightnin' Flame Firestarter

Lightnin' Flame Firestarter

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One Match, One Fire, Guaranteed.

Lightnin' Flame, America's premier firestarter was developed by and is manufactured by professional outdoorsmen.  It is simply the best firestarter available for RV'ers, Campers and BBQ chefs.  Be ready to entertain or cook with a campfire (think firepit, chiminea, wood fireplace) in mere moments.

Simply sprinkle the firestarter onto your kindling and light it.  No more messy newspapers or smelly lighter fluids.  All natural, organic ingredients.  Made in the USA.

This 3-quart Camper's Special package contains enough firestarter to start approximately 36 fires.  Lightweight, very portable container measures 6.5" x 4.35" x 8.5" H.