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Class A RV Covers Deluxe

Class A RV Covers Deluxe

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PolyPro™3 class A RV cover - Classic Accessories Thick, triple-ply PolyPRO™3 top and breathable single-ply PolyPRO™1 sides - protect against rain, snow, dirt, nicks and scratches for all-season protection. Includes: Tension Panels, Air Vent Panels, Convenient Storage Bag, Water-repellent, Bird dropping protection, Dirt, dust and scratch protection, Snow protection, & Breathable. 3 years warranty through Classic Accessories.



PermaPRO™ RV covers provide maximum protection to keep your RV in top shape all year long. Air vents, tension panels, and extra-long zipper pulls make this cover stand out from all the rest. When you are ready to hit the road, this manageable cover fits effortlessly into its storage bag. When you buy from Classic Accessories, you’ll receive peace of mind along with your product, thanks to our hassle-free warranty program. If you experience a problem with workmanship or materials within the warranty period, we invite you to file a simple claim on our website, backed by our Customer Support Team.

  • Camper cover includes lifetime warranty
  • PermaPRO ripstop fabric defends your RV from water, dirt, and sun damage. Air vents combine with quick-drying PermaPRO fabric to reduce wind stress and inside moisture.
  • Adjustable tension panels and elasticized hem corners provide a custom-like fit while the zippered panels allow access to the RV doors and storage compartments on all four sides
  • Long zipper pulls reduce the need for a ladder. Integrated straps and toss bag system make installation simple and quick. The zippered storage bag can be unzipped and expanded for easy packing