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Mouse Deterrant 1G Jug W/DIY Gun

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Mouse Free Undercarriage Lubricant protects your RV against unwanted critters. It prevents entry! Mouse Free is easy to apply! Just simply spray the entire undercarriage of your motorhome or trailer. Coverage -Coat & Protect up to a 24' RV. *All you need is a compressed air hose with a minimum of 60 PSI.* SPECIAL NOTE The MOUSE FREE product works very well at preventing mice from entering your RV. It is not designed to get rid of existing mice. 'Bait and Trap' methods must be used to reduce any existing population of mice. We recommend immediate action when evidence of rodents are found. They can multiply very quickly, and damage to your RV may result.

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Mouse Deterrant 1G Jug W/DIY Gun


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