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Solar Elite

Solar Elite

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The Solar Elite System is a complete power system ideal for full-time RVers. This system includes all solar, inverter installation hardware and smart battery components required to have the charging capability from both solar and shore power. It features two powerful solar modules that produce 380 watts solar charging power and will maintain your battery charge up to 18+ amps per hour. The Solar Elite also includes our 2000 watt Inverter Charger, a supreme all-in-one unit that combines 2000 watts of pure sine wave AC power with a built-in battery charger and transfer switch. This system can be expanded to accommodate up to 570 watts of solar. Extend your weekend stay and enjoy dry camping freedom without the need for a generator. 

Included in the Solar Elite System:

-190 watt solar charging kit + 190 watt expansion kit 

-2000 watt pure sign wave Inverter Charger for AC power with built-in 100 amp battery charger and 50 amp dual leg transfer switch

-Inverter charger remote

-30 amp dual-bank, Bluetooth PWM Solar Controller

-DC inverter install kit

-1 x 25' of MC4 output cable (#10) red & 1 x 25' of MC4 output cable (#10) black and all mounting hardware