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ALPHA Self-Leveling Lap Sealant

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Alpha Systems RV Roof Repair 
Alpha Systems
10.3 Oz
Seal the skylights, vents, and other horizontal surfaces of your RV roof with this self-leveling sealant. Strong, weather-resistant formula works with rubber, metal, and fiberglass. Sealant has a longer lifespan and remains flexible for RV travel.


Self-leveling sealant seals the roof membrane edges, skylights, vents, and other horizontal surfaces of your RV
Adheres to rubber, metal, and fiberglass
Self-leveling settles for a low-profile seam
Rubber-based formula provides a weather-resistant, flexible seal
High solid concentration for a longer lifespan
Low VOC means less air pollution
Remains flexible for the movement of RV travel
Longer dry time is best for fine touches and proper tooling - 48 hours, then ready for the road
Applies with a standard caulking gun
Can be painted once cured
Color matches your RV
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ALPHA Self-Leveling Lap Sealant


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