Galaxy LED Light Strip

Galaxy LED Light Strip

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Take your portable Galaxy lights with you on your next outdoor adventure.  Simply hang the light strip with the four included silicone ties or use the built-in magnets. Then plug the USB end into your portable power bank and you’ll have all the light you’ll need. Included you will find a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness to just the right amount of light you’ll need. The full package comes complete in a translucent carry pouch. With the light strip illuminated inside the pouch, it can be hung or placed on a table, or wherever you need additional light!

∙› Silicone covered LED light rope with male and female USB ends & 4 movable magnets

∙› Power/Dimmer switch

∙› 4 reusable silicone ties

∙› Water Resistant

∙› LED Quantity: 60

∙› Lamp life: 100000 hours

∙› Translucent carry pouch included