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Locking X-Chocks (Pair)

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Product description

BAL X-Chock: Stabilize Your RV with Confidence

Experience enhanced stability and security for your RV with the BAL X-Chock. Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, this wheel stabilizer ensures your RV stays firmly in place, preventing unwanted movement and swaying.

Key Features:

  • Premium-Quality Construction: Made from robust materials, the BAL X-Chock guarantees exceptional durability, providing reliable stabilization for your RV.

  • Enhanced Stability: By applying pressure to both tires, this wheel chock effectively prevents your RV from shifting or rocking, ensuring a more secure and comfortable camping experience.

  • Versatile Use-Cases: Compatible with various RV sizes and types, the X-Chock offers flexibility and convenience for stabilizing travel trailers, fifth wheels, and campers.

  • Easy-to-Use Design: Designed for simplicity, the X-Chock is user-friendly and can be easily installed or removed, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and seasoned RV enthusiasts.

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Locking X-Chocks (Pair)

$211.95 CAD

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